Monday, November 3, 2008

You know you love me! Teehee!

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I just love to parteeeeeee..........................................

Oh, I'm such a good Christian girl!!!
I just love men touching my butt!
Make me feel oh so SEXYA!!!!


I'm not a slut, neither am I loose, you whore.
I'm just being noble, sharing my goodies with MANkind!

I hope he'll bring me some fame or buy me some fake channel bag!

Yours truly,

P.S. Don't the belt the guy in the pic is wearing look like some di*K sticking out?!!?!?! Ooooo... I love it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello people,

Now that I have officially moved to New York, I find it extremely legal for me to turn racist!


Just read the following, my love, and watch how I defended my own race ( I'm Au natural white, BTW! Got Thai Dutch, Jap blood whatever you call it! )

I can finally be totally honest about what I thought about darker skin people as the chance of me getting bash up by you people is much lower in New York than in Singapore.



I'm so predictable!

Just watch me!!

To-Do List
Get into the newspaper headlines again.
And then blog about how I am sadden by the (un)wanted attention
Get more plastic.
Get wasted

Pose more zao geng photos!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello people,
Now that I'm far away at New York, I'm sure all of you missed me-- the one and only fabulous Dawn Yang. Teehee.

Remember those days when I was forced to go on the newspaper and apologised for my plagiarism?


In an interview with The New Paper on Wednesday, Ms Yang admitted she had made a mistake.

"I apologise to all my readers. I didn't do this intentionally," she said. --> But I have forgotten to apologise to all the authors!
She said that at the time she posted the entries, she didn't really think citations were necessary.
"It didn't cross my mind that I was doing something wrong," she said.
She promised she would be more careful about citing her sources in future.

But she felt that many of her detractors were not just focusing on the plagiarism, but were instead digging into her personal life.
She said: "Because it's me, because of this spat, they've gone up in arms. You can talk about it, but please don't cross the lines of civility." ---> die die must portray that people are cyber bullying me!

This article was first published in The New Paper on 1 August 2008. Taken from:

Teehee, for your reference if you can't remember. I must have fooled all of you in a minute thinking I am sincere!

But apparently you guys still remember but I have forgotten all about it! OPPS!! Teehee!

From Dawn latest entry:
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I just taken away the word "literally" and added in the word "gigantic"! I am sooo smart! People will never discover them!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

OPPS! Teehee, just one sentence only mah, I didn't know I'll get caught!

Afterall, just like New York is the gigantic city that never sleeps, plagiarism is the habit I'll never quit!

Dawn Wayang away at the big apple!

*** ***
P.S. I also had lied flat out that I had only plagiarised "two or three entries out of like, a hundred entries I have written for STOMP"-- As quoted from Dawn Yang herself on 98.7FM.

Teehee, I certainly have no qualms about lying on the national radio!
But since then I was caught plagiarising from as many as I-don't-know-how-many-entries-because-I don't-know-how-to-count! Teehee! Even the PM Lee speech, if I may remind you! Oh such audacity that I have!

You can find more of my plagurised entries here:
Opps, someone actually print screen all of them!

Also, below is my radio interview I had on 98.7 FM! You can catch me in action for lying flat out!

Lastly, thank you to the anonymous who had tagged on the tagboard with this piece of information!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Leave dawn yang alone:

Dawn on Project Runway:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A question that puzzles me:
Why DY choose this photo of all the photos to post on her blog?

Some "fans" of hers ( if she still had any left) will probably defend her by saying:
1) Sometimes people do not realise that they zhao geng when taking the pic.
2)It's not her fault that you guys are scrutinising her every photos.

Well, first of all,
1) Whenever you take a group photo or any photos for that matter, everyone, yes, everyone will look at they themselves first. Nobody scrutinises our photos as much as ourselves, so don't tell me she did not notice that when she decided to select the photos to post on her blog.

2) I used the word "select", I literally means that she herself carefully choose her zhao geng photo to post on her blog.
Although we have no control (sometimes) over the fact that we accidentally zhao geng while having our photos taken. But we sure have control over what photos we decided to post on our blog entries.

Look at this:

And this:
All taken at the same event with the same group of photos. And all these photos did not show her legs high up in the air with her undies showing.


It puzzles me.

Given her reputation right now (if she still has any left), I thought she will be desperately trying to salvage what's left of her "child-like", "innocent" image.

Or did she given up already?

I don't understand her. Perhaps, she's really a girl from Mars.

Summerdoll, summerdoll, still lurks behind that facade of her wide-eyed plastic face.

Friday, August 29, 2008

With reference to the interview:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brightness and contrast are adjusted for better view.

Source from:

8days interview with wayang dawn:

Meanwhile, ingenuous blogger Dawn Yang just beams beatifically and nods politely to their bantering, happy to be part of this big sleepover.

Q: Lose any sleep over Xiaxue?
A: No. i did stress about it, but i'm at peace. it's ongoing, so you have to stay tuned. i've never felt any animosity towards her, so her strange attack was uncalled for. we were just doing our own thing. i don't see why we can't exist in harmony.

Q: Sleepwear of choice: sexy lingerie or t-shirt and shorts or nothing
A: Sexy lingerie. a nightie. or slips and a camisole. i'll spend a lot of money on lingerie only if it's drop dead sexy.

Q: what she likes her partner to wear in bed: boxers or PJs or nothing
A: boxers and a t-shirt. i'm conservative, okay!"

Q: what's in her bedside drawer? toys and other "goodies" / condoms / bible?
A: on my bedside table are the bible and our daily bread [a religious booklet].

Credit to pinkspider from for the interview
pinkribbonlace for the awesome cover!

Teehee! I cited source unlike someone who only plagiarised and try to pass it out as their own!

Personal opinion:
I think Monkey is trying too hard to fit into the innocent "child-like" image that she had in mind! But opps, nobody is buying it this time!
And how does it feels to be the ugliest next to all the good looking celebrities you disses anonymously on the forum?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our dawn yang impersonation:

The funniest video I have seen so far. Definitely going into my bookmark for favorites.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visit the below site for more information:

Register to view the Wayang forum!

One last Kallang wave chin before I go:

After adjusting the contrast of the photo (for clearer view):

Sorry, I can't resist.

For more updates got to!

Monday, August 11, 2008

From CozyCot. Too good to be missed

Originally Posted by sugarette-star View Post

really looks like a martian in this pic.

And here's dawnkey!!!


Donkey or Dawnkey?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coincidence or copying?

Strangely, both DY and Fiona Xie seemed to like the word "delirious".

Dawn's nick in CC:

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Fiona's old blog:

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**** I am not saying that DY copied Fiona for sure and I am definitely not saying anyone that use the word "delirious" is copying Fiona.

What I am merely saying is, after all her plagiarism scandal is exposed, basically she had lost all credibility for me to give her any benefit of doubt. I will not be surprised if the nickname she adopted at CC is not pure coincidental.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


To people who asks,
"Who are you to punish DY? What right do you have to punish her?"
Note this: I DO NOT and DID not punish her. What I merely do is exposing her-- her deeds and her lies.

Did I punish her in anyway?
No I did not.
She still have her job as a blogger albeit more haters.
But look, she is not sorry. ( at least in my opinion)
She still parties.
Still leading her frivolous life.
Still showing the world her ugly plastic face.

In what ways did I punish her beside giving her more blog counts?

And to the people who still think that she is innocent.
Is she really?

Read the dates of the posts she written in forums.

End of story.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Edison scandal revealed!

Okay, guys, as you can see, spacegurl have 54 posts so it's rather hard for me to print screen all of them. I need some time! =)

Anyway, here's a little short update on DY and her imagined Edison scandal:

Dawn's article:
I already kind of knew the sort of past-time Eddie indulged in. I was introduced to him by mutual friends in 2004. An excerpt from messenger conversations with Eddie:

*** says: how bout u come to town onthe 29th
*** says: 19th i meanxxx says:as in hk?
*** says: yeah we maybe get a nicesuite
*** says: and get freeky all night andday
*** says: heheh how bout it will u do itwid me babee

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now, I read back these saved conversations in amusement.

Here is my take on this:

Sometimes we met an idol we adore, usually a person will be very star struck when:
1) They have not met the idol in real life before (except from afar)
2) They do not know the idol personally.

But this is taken from Dawn's very old blog:
Look at the date:
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Well, what do you see?
So Dawn is a mini fan of edison since 2002.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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So Dawn, you kidding me right?

You mean you actually REJECTED edison when we all know your secret identity as summerdoll?
So you have an slept with __________ for fame but rejected your idol because of your high moral value?

And the thing is :

You are behaving like a FAN dawn. And fan you shall be, so stop imagining edison wanting you to "do it wid me babee"!

What I said above dun make sense?
Then why DAWN computer crashes all the time but the log is still miraculously saved?
BTW, only print screen one of her computer crashed moments.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So she put it in hard drive huh?

So either way she IS pathetic!
How many of you saved conversations of the man you rejected and reveal it to everyone after 2 years?
hmmm... ...

And conveniently, when she know edison will be too busy dodging the media at hongkong to bother her claims at her own blog.

So how many of you will put a photo of a man you rejected 2 years ago in front of you when eating lunch and you go slept with some people who summerdoll confessed, then 2 years later exposed that the man did indeed have ideas on you?

Sounds logical?

Wow, nice one.

Judge it yourself:
Did Dawn or did Dawn not lied?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry people, I was rather busy yesterday.
Will do the post tonight or tml night!